In Erbenmetal SL we are dedicated to the collection, processing and trade of metals.

Purchase and Storage

Erbenmetal is a company dedicated to the wholesale sale of ferrous scrap and non-ferrous metals. We have two warehouses very close to the city of Valencia and perfectly connected to the port.

Leadership and Innovation

We are currently one of the leading companies in the metal recycling sector in Spain and a pioneer in Recovery and Recycling, participating in the constant evolution of our sector.

Qualification and Motivation

We have a great team highly qualified and motivated, which is responsible for satisfying, at all times, both our suppliers and customers, always providing added value to our company.


Catálogo de nuestros servicios


Erbenmetal SL offers an extensive collection service of recyclable material nationwide.

Experienced personnel

The collected material is analyzed by experienced and classified personnel.


This analysis is carried out visually, or with chemical and X-ray techniques, ensuring that all merchandise is free of possible waste.


Our main customers in the industrial sector are refineries, foundries, extruders; both national and international.

Scrapping and Demolition

We have a highly specialized technical team for scrapping projects and all kinds of demolitions.

Trade and Exportation

Referent in the metal recycling sector at the international level. With extensive experience in the import and export of scrap metal and metals.


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